Better together!

At Good Sam we want to know Christ & each other, grow Christ with each other & show Christ to each other. Life groups are a place where we can do all that. We offer a variety of groups. To join a group just show up or click on attached link below or to get more information contact the church at 803-831-0304 or email Below is a list of currently offered small groups. 

Please join us!!

Sunday mornings at 9:30am
Fun and engaging class for children and tweens designed to use stories from the Bible to encourage the child’s spiritual growth.
Sunday A.M. Life Group
An interactive study of Matthew’s Gospel
Have you ever read a sequel to a novel without having read the original story? Trying to pick up the story line without a transition can be difficult. The Gospel of Matthew serves as such a transition. It connects the story of the New Testament, helping us understand how the life & teaching of Jesus built upon what had come before.
Walk Away the Pounds
with us and have fun.
Any and all welcome.
Get fit fast with America’s #1 walking system! 
Mondays & Wednesdays at 10am